iPad Stylus 2 – Pencil by 53

This is supposed to be a great stylus and my friend Neil says that his works really well. But I have had terrible results with it. I got it to connect at first, but now it won’t connect to my iPad. Even when I did get it to connect, I found that the fatness of the stylus made it hard to see where I was drawing.

The design of the stylus is to simulate a buider’s pencil. That means that it will not roll away, like all my other styli did.

It is beautifully engineered, well balanced, and it was nice to hold.

It is an active stylus, which means that it has a battery that needs recharging. The battery is accessed by pulling out the tip of the stylus. This a a great way of charing the pencil, you do not need any special cables, you plug the battery straight into a USB port for charging. There is a charge light on it that will show green when the battery is fully charged.

I have two main problems with this pencil:

I can no longer get this to connect to any of my sketching apps.

When I did get it to connect, the fatness of the stylus prevents me from having fine and accurate control of the tools. I often found that I would start drawing a line away from my desired location. I would have to Undo and try again.

I have ordered a new pencil, to try this out again in case I have a dud pencil. I will let you know how it goes.

iPad Stylus 1

I have been looking for a stylus for my iPad/Tablet so that I can use it to create sketches. I create a lot of sketches (usually to show a Vectorworks concept) and lately i have been creating 100’s of sketches for a course that I was writing for the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. And to explain the concepts of Marionette, I created lots of sketches. So i thought there must be a better way to create the sketches, rather than drawing them on paper and scanning them. 

it has been harder that I thought to find a good stylus. Stylus? why not use a finger? I find that using finger to draw is so inaccurate, I never know where the line will start. Just using a finger to draw has been a complete waste. 

So, now I’m looking for a stylus to draw with. I like the look of the Apple Pencil, but that will really only work with the iPad Pro. Before I invest $1600 on a tablet, i thought I would look at what kind of styli were available for my iPad.

So, that is the reason for trying out styli. I have bought plain ones, cheap ones, fat ones, expensive ones, and active ones (these are my favourites).

Do Not Disturb – iPad and iPhone

I sometimes get notifications in the middle of the night from my website, twitter and so on. I even get some of my overseas clients calling me when I should be asleep. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know that I am in New Zealand. I used to switch my phone to silent, but it would still buzz. I was looking through the Settings the other day and I came across Do Not Disturb. This feature allows you to schedule the Do Not Disturb so that your iPhone or iPad does not ring or buzz after a specific time. I set this up on my phone the other day, and when a client rang me at 3:30am, I did not get woken up.


0070 iPad Tip – Microsoft Word on the iPad

Microsoft has just released an iPad version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For the first time you can now edit Word documents using Microsoft software on your iPad. In the past, there have been third-party applications that will allow you to edit your Word documents. These third-party apps have not always worked consistently. Now at last you can use Microsoft software to edit your Word documents.

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I’ve Just Sold My Android Tablet

I have finally sold my android tablet. I quite enjoyed using it, but I did not like it as much as my iPad. I want to get an iPad mini, because the size of the android tablet was the thing that I liked most about it. The one thing that I really didn't like was the gmail ecosystem that I had to use. In the end it really annoyed me, and it would not let me log into some websites with out using my gmail address. While I loved the size, I didn't like the keyboard, I could never get used it. The problem for me was the home button was always near the space bar on the keyboard, meaning that every time I missed the space bar I would end up back at home. I really missed the hardware home button.

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0047 Notes in iOS 6

Your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch come with an app called Notes. Notes is designed to be a quick note taking app, without any frills. It’s a very quick note to taker, but will also connect through your iCloud account to other devices. This means that notes written on one device will appear on your other devices and on your desktop machine if they are configured correctly.

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