It’s not About Modeling, It’s About Marketing

I have had several clients say that they want to get the 2D drawing techniques under their belt before they look at drawing in 3D, as if 3D modelling is some sort of luxury. I think that they are missing the point, 3D is not a luxury to be pasted on top of the 2D plan. When you present your work to your client, you are selling or marketing your proposal to them. This image was modelled in Vectorworks and exported from Vectorworks to a specialist rendering program.

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New ‘Yontoo’ Adware Trojan Targets Major Browsers on OS X

Russian security firm Doctor Web this week highlighted a new trojan (via The Next Web) affecting OS X systems and which installs an adware plug-in capable of injecting ads into users’ browsing experience.

As with other trojans, this new Yontoo malware relies on tricking users into installing the package, which in this case masquerades as a movie trailer video plug-in, download accelerator, or other software a user might believe they want or need on their system.

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What to do with Downtime

I had an interesting chat with a client recently. We were discussing the movies and blogs on the Short Sharp Training website. He said that when he has downtime (waiting for the client to arrive/waiting for site visits) he goes onto the website to look for new blogs or movies to play. He has found that this turns his unproductive time into productive time, but not only that, it has made all his work more productive as he becomes more skilful at Vectorworks.


So this application is good enough for Evernote to buy, is it good enough for us to use? The answer is sure, it is a great application. But what is the application for?

The answer is that this application is used as a replacement for a notebook or sketchbook. Its main use is to hand write on the iPad. I have tried other handwriting applications on the iPad but I tend to write with my rest touching the iPad, which tends to make all the other applications fail. But not this application.

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Using Evernote

I use a program called Evernote. This is a great little program. I use it to collect together notes. For example when I am teaching my online webinars, users quite often suggest things that would be useful. Now, I could keep a notepad next to my desk, but I find a better to use a computer to keep these notes. The reason is, if I write the notes on the computer I can expand on I can expand them, then copy and paste them into a blog like this. Continue reading