Architect Special Interest Group July 2019

In this session, we looked at adding blocks of text to Vectorworks, making irregular Section cuts, creating the look of interior wallpaper, as well as using stories, taking advantage of the levels of detail that you can build into a symbol, reviewing turning on and off class visibility through the Organization dialogue box, and discussing the benefits of using Saved Views.

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Architect Special Interest Group March 2019

In this webinar we looked at how to deal with difficult wall thickening and an awkward chamfered corner between walls with different thicknesses. Then we looked at inserting objects in walls. The problem was two windows with a thin mullion between, which lead on to looking at to insert objects into walls.

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Architect Special Interest Group November 2018


In this session, we talked about the lack of detail on Vectorworks doors, demonstrated how to create a workgroup reference file, discussed the zooming in and out issue, covered using Multiple View Panes, as well as the Section-Elevation Marker tool and the Data Tag tool, and discussed some Stair tool oddities.

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Architect Special Interest Group September 2018


In this session, we explored a problem that someone was having with the Create Interior Elevation Viewport command and then covered several new features in Vectorworks 2019: filters, the Extends Before Cut Plane setting for sections, the option to turn a Clip Cube view into a section viewport, the horizontal section, the Data Tag tool, and textures from the mtextur website.

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Architect Special Interest Group February 2018 (am)


In this session, we created a recession plane, modified slab components to work with a brick-clad wall, modeled a slab edge, imported a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into Vectorworks, changed the rendering of Gable Walls, and discussed how to transfer preferred settings from one section to another.

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Architect Special Interest Group January 2018 (am)


In this session, we made a pivoted door, demonstrated how to make changes to a worksheet, discussed the Downspout and Baseboard plug-ins from A|F Design, looked at the advantage of using Window’s Character Map, and designated the angles of lines to make boundary lines without using the Property Line tool.

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