Getting Started Special Interest Group February 2020

In this session, we covered all of the snaps on the snapping palette and their settings.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:11    We started the session by matching up the snaps on the snapping palette with their hot keys on the keyboard. To open up the settings for a snap—the SmartCursor Settings dialog box—double click on a snap in the palette. We walked through all of the snaps and their settings: General snapping, Grid snapping, Object snapping, Intersection snapping, Angle snapping, Smart Point snapping, Smart Edge snapping, and Distance snapping. I tend not to use Grid snapping because I generally want to snap to an object, not the background. My four “major snaps”—which I leave on all of the time—are Object snapping, Intersection snapping, Angle snapping, and Smart Point snapping. For dimensioning, I use Object snapping, but only turn on the End Point setting, which makes it easier to grab the end of an object. You can set up scripts to reset your snaps with just a click; I save them in a utility folder for easy access. I use Master Snaps on symbols and also on the structural core of my walls. With Angle snapping, you can customize it by adding additional angles. Using Smart Point snapping is very powerful for drawing, especially for finding the center of something without drawing a temporary reference line. The Floating Datum (use the “G” key to set it manually) is another powerful part of snaps.
  • 29:30    We finished the session by looking at the other snaps—Smart Edge snapping, Distance snapping, and Tangent snapping. I think of these as the “minor snaps,” because I only turn them on when I need them. We demonstrated how these snaps work by drawing a kidney-shaped swimming pool. We also demonstrated how the Fillet tool does this much quicker—there is always more than one way of getting something done in Vectorworks!

Getting Started February 2020

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