3D Modeling Special Interest Group – November 2019

In this session, we used various methods to model spiral shapes, experimented a bit with Subdivision modeling, and started a model of a wardrobe built from water pipes.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:06    We wanted to look at how to model spiral shapes. Starting with 2D shapes drawn on the screen plane, we edited those and then used the Select Connected Objects command and the Compose command to get a 2D shape that we could extrude. With the Splice tool, we took off some of the width on each side, making the spiral narrower toward one end. For our next experiment with spirals, we extruded a tall 3D rectangle and used various tools, such as the Deform tool and the Taper tool, to sculpt that block into a spiral. In another experiment, we converted our modified 2D shapes into NURBS and used the Loft Surface tool to get a spiral. We even twisted a multiple extrude to try to get the perfect spiral! To top things off, we put “Fred,” our model person, next to the spiral as a height reference.
  • 42:25    We messed around with Subdivision modeling. Many Vectorworks users don’t realize how easy it is to take simple shapes and quickly turn them into a sophisticated-looking Subdivision model. With the Edit Subdivision tool in Crease Mode, we could flatten the ends, turning pod-like extrusions into T-joint shapes. My daughter wants to build a wardrobe out of water pipes, so we finished the session by starting a model of that for her.

3D Modeling November 2019

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