Getting Started Special Interest Group October 2019

In this session, we talked about upgrading from one year to the next, discussed the importance of saving your favorite resources to a single library folder or template file, and demonstrated how to place custom tools in a palette for quick access.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:06    Someone wanted to know if there was any reason to keep two upgrades of Vectorworks, such as both 2019 and 2020. If one of your projects is near completion or time sensitive, keep the version you have and finish the project in that version. Otherwise, there isn’t any reason to keep more than one upgrade on your computer. There are some new features in 2020 that are nice, like how some 3D modeling shapes keep their histories and are easier to revise. We discussed why saving things to a single library file saves time and anxiety when the time comes to upgrade. Some tools, such as scale bars, are easier to save in your template file. After revising a tool’s settings to how you want them, make the revised tool your default by selecting it with the Eyedropper tool after selecting the Pick Up Sets Defaults in the tool preferences of the Eyedropper tool. That will make your revised settings for the tool the new default settings in that file.
  • 17:48    I have covered before how to create tools to help you in drawing details, like creating a tool that draws concrete, which automatically takes on the graphic attributes of the class in the tool’s script. It is worth it to place these custom tools on a palette that can be viewed in the workspace, rather than digging down several levels in a menu for each tool. The script that Vectorworks includes in a palette also sends you automatically back to the tool you were using before you started using one of the palette tools. We demonstrated how to create another drawing tool called Centerline. Be sure to save useful tools to your template file, but save the majority of your favorite resources in your library file—you can always bring them into the file whenever you need them!

Getting Started October 2019

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