3D Modeling Special Interest Group – July 2019

In this session, we reviewed the Screen Plane and Layer Plane, built a gutter and downspout—first, using extrusions and, then, using the Extrude Along Path command—and constructed a cone-shaped climbing gym, while experimenting with different methods and tools.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:19    We started by reviewing the Screen Plane and Layer Plane, their differences and benefits. We applied our knowledge of these Working Planes in making a gutter. The challenge was joining two gutter pieces. The best result came from overlapping the two pieces and using the Split tool to cut diagonally across their intersection—very tidy! Hollowing out the solid half piece with the Shell Solid tool gave us caps on the ends of our gutter. A neat trick is that you can undo, for example, a fillet edge by using the Ungroup command—this technique works in other situations too!
  • There’s a free plug-in tool from AFDesign (andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/downspouts-free) that allows you to easily add downspouts and brackets in Vectorworks.
  • Next, we used a different method, the Extrude Along Path command, to make a gutter. We used the Shell Solid tool to hollow out the solid half piece. If we needed to make a change to our Extrude Along Path piece right away, we could use Undo. However, if the change came a week later, we could use the Ungroup command, change the Extrude Along Path profile or path, and hollow out the piece again using the Shell Solid tool. We demonstrated the best technique for revising the path.
  • 24:33    Someone had a photo of a 2-meter-high cone-shaped climbing gym with rope ladders for a children’s playground that we broke down into components and built using our 3D modeling know-how. Our idea was to make a quarter of the object and then mirror the piece around to get the complete structure. We worked through the modeling step by step. There’s always more than one way to do a project like this. We experimented with several techniques, even creating a cone and punching holes in it. Using the Shell Solid tool is like completing an extrusion in 3D. Experimenting helps you become more familiar with what various tools can accomplish—and builds your confidence and skill for the next project!

3D Modeling July 2019

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