Landmark Special Interest Group March 2019

In this session, we talked about creating site models and changing site contours.

Topics Covered:

00:07    We started with a file that had a combination of site data: 3D loci, contour lines from a surveyor’s file, 3D polygons, stake objects, and datum for 5m contour lines from the local housing council. The left side of the property had some hills and the challenge was to figure out at what time of day they blocked the sun from the property. First, we selected all the data and demonstrated the steps for creating a site model using the Site Model from Source Data command. We discussed the various settings, including controlling the options under Graphic Properties. I like using 3D Mesh with Mesh Smoothing for the 3D Display. You can click to save your source data and even save your site model settings for the next time.

15:47    There always seems to be some corner of your site model that is missing data, so we went over how to add data to your site model. You might need to enlarge your site model crop to be able to see the effects of the new information in your site model. We demonstrated how to adjust contours before covering how to use the “bulldozer” tool: site modifiers. Using a pad, we put in a building platform.

28:52    Vectorworks 2019 has added site sculpting. You get a new tool palette and can edit the existing site model surface or the proposed. First, we added more vertices and, then, we experimented with the Sculptor tool. You can pull on a vertex and, by modifying the Radius and Falloff settings, quickly change your site. We had more difficulty with the Swale/Berm tool, although I’ve gotten it to work well on simple site models. In the end, you can always resort to the Recreate from Source Data command—it will keep your pads and grade limits, but remove any of the site sculpting that you’ve done. With a clean slate, you can give it another go! We also covered using the Edit Site Model Contours command, which opens a window where you can adjust contours with minute precision. If you keep your site modifiers on a DTM Modifier class, then you’ll be able to turn them off so that they don’t show up in a perspective drawing.

Landscape March 2019

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  1. Great section as always! Is there less of a graphic burden to use the 3D loci or Stake object tools when copying data from local gov’t GIS contour maps, instead of tracing them with the 2D poly?

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