SST_1806 – Site Modifying


Modifying sites is a fundamental part of landscaping and architectural design. It is one of the most common questions that I get asked about site modeling.


Beginner Topics

Site Modifying Concepts

Before we look at the details of site modifying, we need to look at the basic concept of site modifying. There are two main concepts in site modifying:

  • Site modifier (Pad)
  • Grade Limits, which totally encloses a pad or pads

Notes - Page 14

The site modifier (Pad) is used to control the 3D changes to the site.

The Grade Limits is used to limit the area that the Pad effects.

Notes current - Page 11

This concept is the basis of all site modifiers. There are several tools that can create site modifiers:

  • Site Modifier tool (with several options)
  • Roads (there are several road tools)
  • Hardscapes
  • 3D polygons (when assigned to the correct class)


  • Must be enclosed by a Grade Limits (if you use one)
  • Cannot touch each other
  • Cannot overlap each other

Grade Limits:

  • Must totally enclose the Pad or Pads
  • Cannot touch another Grade Limits
  • Cannot overlap another Grade Limits
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