SST_1801 – Title Block Borders and Drawing Management


1801 Title Blocks and Document Issues

Title blocks have undergone a major overhaul in Vectorworks 2018. The old Sheet Border tool has been completely replaced with a new Title Block Border tool and Drawing Issue command. The title blocks have been changed to use object styles, their layout is easier to change and customize, adding revisions and creating issues have been updated, and a new document transmittal facility has been added.

If you have used the VAA Title Block and Document Transmittal you will find some of this functionality familiar. That is not an accident. Vectorworks has tried to take the best from the VAA title block and marry it to the best of the Sheet Border tool.

Because of this new way of working, we need to relearn the entire system of adding a Title Block and issuing drawings.

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Beginner Topics

Placing a Title Block Border

The new Title Block Border tool is in the Dims/Notes tool set. The icon looks the same as the old Sheet Border tool. Don’t confuse these tools; they are very different. The new tool has a different workflow than the old tool. If you try to use the new tool in the same way that you used the old tool, you will find it difficult.

The new tool uses an Object Style to control the graphic style of the title block. If you need a refresher on object styles, see the manual from November 2017.


The first time you place a Title Block Border, just place one and worry about editing it later. After you have edited the object style to suit your design, you will find it easy to place the Title Block.

Choosing a Title Block Style

After selecting the Title Block tool, go to the Tool Bar. Click on the Style pull-down menu to choose the starting title block style. This opens a mini-Resource Manager where you can choose a pre-made style. There are a few files that contain title blocks, and there are several styles in each file.


Remember that this is just the starting object style, it is not the final style. Try to choose a style that is as close as possible to your final style.


What I mean by that is if you want to include revisions and issues on the title block, then choose a style that has both of those. If you want a simple title block for concept drawings, then choose a simple style.

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  1. Jonathan,

    I am encountering an issue with sheet issue date and sheet scale not updating in title block. The date and scale appears correcting in Title Block Layout editing mode, but not visible exited the editing mode. What could be the cause of issue?

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