SST_1710 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2018



It is common at this time of the year to look at the added features and benefits of the new Vectorworks release, so that’s what we’re doing in this manual. Following along from other years, there is a table that shows the new features and benefits of the new Vectorworks. As I have done in previous years, I will not be detailing every improvement, just the ones that are fundamental.

Vectorworks typically introduces a multitude of small updates that will really speed your workflow. These small updates may not be one of these major features listed below, but they can still dramatically improve your workflow.

The other manuals this year have had a beginner section followed by an intermediate user section and advanced user information. This strategy doesn’t work very well for these improvements, so the manual will follow the sections listed in the table below.




Basic productivity

Multiple Drawing Views

Direct Section and Elevation Editing

Enhanced Resource Manager

Streamlined Worksheets

Plug-in Styles for More Parametric BIM Objects

Streamlined Drawing Distribution

Improved Vectorworks Cloud Services

Detail Callout Improvements

Multiple Drawing views allows you to look at the same model from different views at the same time. You can view the design layer while viewing a sheet layer.

Direct editing of sections and elevations is a fantastic improvement for editing sections and elevations, showing you the true section through your model.

The resource manager has had an overhaul making it easier to see and find objects.

Worksheets have had a massive overhaul so that is much easier to understand the technology behind them.

The Sheet Border has had an overhaul and allows you to have a more complex title block, similar to the VAA Title Block.

3D modelling

Improved Subdivision Modeling

Upgraded Renderworks with Maxon CineRender

Improvements to Subdivision Modelling introduce new modes for editing the model.

Render work has been upgraded with the latest Maxon CineRender, which will speed up your rendering and improve the quality.

Better Importing and Exporting

Improved Revit Import


Enhanced Web View Export

New Rendered Panoramas

Improved DWG Export for Classes

Improved Vectorworks to DWG Mapping

Improved DWG Sheet Layer Export

There are several improvements to importing and exporting that are important, as the programs that we’re importing from and exporting to are continually being updated.


Robust Wall Modeling Options

Improved Graphic Output for Architectural Documents

More Accessible IFC BIM Data

One of the important changes to the Vectorworks wall object is the ability to edit individual components on a wall, even though that wall is connected to a wall style.

There have also been several graphic improvements that will improve the quality of your drawings.


Enhanced Plant Tags

Easier GeoTIFF Image Import

Direct Site Model Contour Editing

New Foliage Tool

New Import/Export Tree Survey Options

Event Planning

Enhanced Seating Section Command



New Zoom Option for Video and Blended Screens

 Basic Productivity 
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