Landscape Special Interest Group August 2017 pm

landmark_121In this session, we constructed a shed, giving particular attention to the detailing—joists, bearers, piles, ridge beam, rafters, purlins, and roof lining.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:18    We started the session by building the shell of a shed-type structure—quickly constructing the walls with the Wall tool in Rectangle Mode and a floor by using the Create Objects from Shapes command and selecting Floor. With the shell in place, we got to the part that we really wanted to look at: creating the detailing. The Framing Member tool is the most useful for this. We went step-by-step through creating joists and then bearers—Vectorworks allows you to set their height and width, class, and graphical attributes. Next, we used the Column tool to add some shafts and piles to our shed—including a cool trick to set the heights of all the shafts at once when they occur on a slope … works like magic! We now had our walls, floor, floor joists, bearers, and piles—our sections would be looking pretty good! We continued our project by adding a roof. We carefully set the roof’s thickness because we wanted to add rafters later on. Vectorworks Designer and Architect include special framing tools, but, in Landmark, we had to go old school. Starting with the rafter option in the Framing Member tool, we went on to create the rest of the rafters, including the ridge beam, by using the Move by Points and Mirror tools. We used similar steps to create the purlins. Making sure that all the different types of framing details are on separate classes makes working with them much easier! Finally, we added our shed’s doors and windows.
  • 31:52    Having completed our shed, we used the Clip Cube to create a section viewport. It was easy to create the longitudinal section by simply duplicating and rotating the cross-section. Looking at the sections allowed us to ensure that the roof was lined up properly with the rafters and purlins. In addition, we were able to easily duplicate the roof down so that we could create our roof lining. This may have been a simple construction project, but it gave us needed confidence for adding an amazing amount of detailing to our project—something that we could duplicate on much larger and more complicated projects!

Landscape August 2017 pm

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