Interactive Workshops April 2017 – Creating Drawings For Building Projects

Cover ImageThere are some powerful techniques for setting up drawings for a landscape project. Although, these techniques are not unique to landscape projects. Almost all the techniques covered in this manual can be used for creating drawings for any project. Regardless of your profession, you can apply the techniques that you learned in this manual.

You might also have noticed that some of these techniques are too large to cover in this manual and you have been referred to other manuals. Please have a look at these and other manuals to learn more about these techniques.

Session 1 – 11th April 2017 pm

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Session 2 – 12th April 2017 am

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3 thoughts on “Interactive Workshops April 2017 – Creating Drawings For Building Projects

  1. Mod-Layers:
    I used to use them decade ago but dropped them fast. If you import all of these you get a total mess, unless you like to learn their names and what they are for. You need to create your own stories and layers. You are after all creating a virtual building in your computer.
    Each time you draw an element or place an object give it a class and set parameters of that class. I add classes as I go. It is fun and makes me remember procedures, program strengths, which than you remember forever. All the tasks become part of you naturally. Its like playing Bass and singing – an analogy for those who play music and know a bit what I mean. Get my drift?
    Also starting the Project I set all layers to same scale (except cover sheet and specs). That way when I model the building all is same and building representation for quick viewing in 3d. I switch between 3d and 2d all the time.
    Than I create layer viewport for my building model that than is set on its own layer. Rotating the building on its own layer prevents you from accidentally moving other site elements.
    I control classes within design layers like Jonathan eloquently has shown.
    In minutes of starting the project I accumulate Classes and it works like a charm.
    Make it simple not difficult. It is important to really get a grasp of the work flow within the program otherwise you will be wasting time on overthinking or assuming too much.
    Vectorworks rocks and it is a very powerful tool.
    Thank you Jonathan.

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