Landscape Special Interest Group February (am) 2017


In this session we looked in detail at attaching tags to planting and hardscapes and how this relates to creating drawings using viewports and sheet layers. We also looked at the detail of using a hardscape as a site modifier.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:23    we started by looking at a sheet layer that had a viewport showing planting and hardscapes. The viewport was set up to be orthogonal on the page, but when we returned to the design layer we realise that the site is rotated and that we needed to use a rotated plan to see the design layer in the same orientation as the viewport. The easy way to do this is to use the viewport to go back to the design layer by right clicking and choosing edit design layer.
  • 03:45   now that we are in the design layer we can edit the plant tags to change the direction of the plant tag and change the plant that the tag ends up on. Most of these changes can be accomplished with the Selection tool. One thing to watch out for is on the Object Info palette, Enable Tag Shoulder Line. The tag shoulder line is the part of the tag that allows you to change the rotation of the text.
  • 12:43   we also looked at how rotating the plan before placing the plants has an effect on plant placement, particularly where you are using the rectangular array or the triangular array for planting. In some situations it is best to rotate the plan before you place your planting.
  • 24:42    in this part of the session we looked at creating hardscapes ensuring that we correctly chose the classes for the tags and the correct hatching. Hardscape objects can also be site modifiers, adjusting the site with cut and fill. Since the hardscape can become a site modifier we also needed to add a grade limits in order to limit the extent of the change to the site. If you want the top of the hardscape to be in line with the land, but you want the hardscape to create the correct cut volume (the underside of the hardscape) you will need to create an extra site modifier for the top edge of the hardscape. So you will need one site modifier for the underside of the hardscape and another site modifier to represent the top edge of the hardscape. This caused quite a discussion about why Vectorworks does this and why you have to create the additional site modifier.

Landscape February 2017 am

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