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In this session we looked at quick and simple ways to create 3D objects, how you can use these to create more complex objects, how to find more complex 3D objects online, how to import them, and how to use the imported models.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:28   we want to start by looking at a 3D view. I believe that it’s a good idea to show the grid in Vectorworks (not all people agree with me on this) because the grid can help you to see the orientation of your view. We started out with the grid switched off and it’s very difficult to tell what view we have. Once we set our grid and turn it on, it becomes a lot easier to see the orientation of the view. That’s why like to show the grid, because it helps me to see what my view is.
  • 05:08   now that we have set our 3D view, we can start to create a 3D object easily. When you change to any 3D view, many of the planar objects (rectangle, circle, polygon, et cetera) have an instant push/pull option on the Tool bar. This option is not available when you are in a Top/Plan view, but it is available in the 3D views. We can then use this option to create a quick three-dimensional extruded rectangle.
  • 08:34   working planes allow you to create objects in relation to other objects. The quick way to do it is to use an automatic working plane, but in order to explain this we talked about how to create a working plane and what you can use it for.
  • 12:04   Once you understand the concept of working planes, the automatic working plane becomes extremely quick for creating objects. We can also use the extruded rectangle that we have already created to create the next part of our bracket, the cylinder. The instant push/pull can be used for more than just extruding objects, it can also be used for add solid and subtract solid. In this part of the movie you will see how quick it can be to create your 3D object if use these concepts.
  • 15:00   we have our solid object but in reality it would be created from a cylinder and a plate, welded together we can replicate the welding by using Fillet Edge. If you set the preferences, you can then fill it that joint between the cylinder and the plate to make it look like they are welded together.
  • 16:17   one of the snaps is the Smart Edge. The snap can be used to find the edge of an object and create an offset from. In 3D you can use this to offset from each edge and create a hole for the bolts in the bracket. Using the Smart Edge allows you to quickly locate the correct centre of the hole and then you can use your instant push/pull to punch the hole. You could do this for each hole on the bracket, but you could also enter the solid subtraction object and mirror the existing holes to new locations.
  • 23:44   we can use the same techniques we used to create this bracket to create a more complex shape. In this case we wanted to try to draw the garden chair by Lutyens. We can use simple techniques like rectangles and circles, which can be added together, extrusions, and Duplicate Array to copy the objects in the form of a circle. In order to draw this chair you would need to have detailed information which we don’t have at the moment.
  • 32:35   The Lutyens seat is a detailed seat, so before you decide to draw yourself, you should look for online resources. The first online resource we looked at was bimobject which you can access directly from a tool in Vectorworks, but the search turned out to be fruitless, so instead we tried looking at the Google warehouse (often called the sketchup warehouse). This search proved to be very fruitful and there were several options that we could use. So we downloaded this chair and imported into a Vectorworks file so that we would have our chair in Vectorworks. After you have imported your chair into a Vectorworks file, you can then use the Resource Manager to import that into any of your open projects. You could save this object into your library.

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