1701_01 – Resource Manager – Introduction

The Resource Manager is an extremely important part of your Vectorworks interface. It allows you to look for resources (hatches, line styles, wall styles, plants,  et cetera). So it’s important that we understand how to use it because it is will make you more efficient and improve your productivity.

The Resource Manager palette that you see on your screen is just one part of the total concept. Vectorworks uses the Resource Manager for many objects and tools to allow you to find the resources that you need when you use that tool.

In simple terms, the Resource Manager allows you to look into other files to get the resources that you need to complete your project. It allows you to connect favourite files to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, it includes a search facility to allow you to search through everything for a particular resource, and also includes an ability to tag objects with a keyword, allowing you to search for objects that match that keyword.

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