Architect Special Interest Group November 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at techniques for drawing an existing building, interior elevations, property line, and drawing a fence.

Topcis Covered:

  • 00:35 drawing an existing building using unstyled walls, which allows you to change the wall thickness quickly
  • 01:09 starting the wall a specific distance from a location using a datum
  • 02:34 using the Move by Points told to move an object or copy an object using the floating data bar
  • 04:31 looking at the different modes for the Move by Points tool
  • 07:25 using Click – Drag drawing makes some of the tools work differently, especially the tools that use several clicks
  • 12:01 using the  Offset tool for quick wall drawing
  • 13:12 creating a sloping wall, also designed to be vertical, but there are ways to create a sloping face to the wall, using Create Wall Recess all Create Wall Projection
  • 19:33 another way to create a sloping wall is to create a 3D object that slopes and add the doors and windows as 3D objects. We also looked at other ways to rotate the working plan or rotating the standard wall, but none of these work. You cannot rotate a wall away from vertical.
  • 24:53 you could try to use a Roof Face in place of a wall, but it is not easy, it is not possible for some angles, and the top edge is a ridge that comes to a point
  • 26:39 using the example from the 3D Modeling course that shows how to create a non-vertical wall with doors and windows the model directly in 3D, because Vectorworks doors and windows are always vertical
  • 32:24 using the Shell Solid tool to hollow out the inside of the building
  • 33:56 creating internal elevations using the Create Interior Elevation Viewports… command, And then editing the location of the section lines, editing the section attributes, and editing the crop of the interior elevations
  • 38:45 Property Line tool, using the new polygon drawing mode, creating the property line, and sending the property line to a site model as a texture bed.  you can then use the texture. To create a fence that is at the correct elevation on the site model.

Architect November 2016 am

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