Landscape Special Interest Group October (pm) 2016



In this session we mainly looked at creating 3D data for plants. We looked at photoshop for tidying up a plant image for use as an image prop and we looked at some resources available on the Internet and how you could use those for your plant 3D data.

Topics covered:

  • 00:21    changes to the Plant tool, 3D Plant Geometry
  • 01:20    using photoshop to create plant image props, using the clone stamp tool to add extra leaves to the plant image
  • 14:17    creating an image prop using the photoshop image
  • 17:23    editing the plant definition to add the image prop
  • 20:01    getting 3D plant geometry from the Vectorworks Resource Manager
  • 22:21    getting plant image props from the Internet (using the  website)

Landscape October 2016 pm

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