Landscape Special Interest Group October (am) 2016


In the session we looked at what’s new in Vectorworks 2017, concentrating on the plant definition and spacing. We also looked at using subdivision modelling to create a shade sail.

Topics covered:

  • 00:29    the new plant placement modes (massing creation mode)
  • 01:29    using the Resource Manager when choosing a new plant, you now have new resources available
  • 04:09    new spacing options on plants: Best Fit
  • 06:50    row spacing on plants
  • 08:45    planting by distribution rate
  • 11:45    planting by mass creation mode
  • 22:35    save landscape area
  • 28:58    refresh Resource Manager libraries
  • 31:11    how to create a 3D shade sail
  • 32:37    it’s best to start with the most appropriate subdivision object
  • 33:29    editing the subdivision object to fit the columns for the shade sail
  • 35:02    assigning a texture to the shade sail
  • 36:45    adding a sun (Heliodon)
  • 39:03    splitting a subdivision object
  • 40:41    looking at the movies on the arch on website for the changes to the Resource Manager
  • 41:20    using the Resource Manager

Landscape October 2016 am

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