Landscape Special Interest Group September (pm) 2016


In this session we looked at what is new in Vectorworks 2017 in relation to plants and fences.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:57 the resource manager has been integrated into the plant tool, which means that when used select a plant definition it not only shows you the plant definitions that are available on your computer but it will also show you the plant definitions that are available in the Vectorworks libraries stored online
  • 03:44 when you edit the plant definition, you can choose to copy the 3D portion from a symbol, you can choose to create it from an image, where you can choose to generator from 3D geometry
  • 04:02 if you choose to create the 3D plant portion from 3D geometry, Vectorworks opens a dialog box where you can choose the canopy shape, the spread, the first branch height, the canopy height, and the overall height
  • 10:25 as with Vectorworks 2016, there is a tight integration between plants and new drawing in the Vectorworks Plants Database
  • 17:33 one of the new options is the ability to flood an area (polyline, polygon, shape) with plants and there was also the ability to use the Hedge Mode which will ensure that the plants follow the edge of the area
  • 27:21 as well as creating shadows on plants you can also use drop shadows, which can be used on all objects in Vectorworks 2017
  • 30:18 there is a new handrail/fence tool which can be used to create handrails and fences, which it is much more powerful than the old handrail told and has several options


Landscape September 2016 am

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