Landscape Special Interest Group September (am) 2016


In this session we continued our series on moving from a 2D only workflow to a 3D workflow. We looked at creating a site model, creating a texture bed to show the area of the site, creating massing models,  and drawing a simple house.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:33 exporting a PDF file from Google Earth for importing into Vectorworks accurately
  • 02:05 importing the PDF file from Google Earth and accurately scaling it
  • 02:55 cropping the area of the PDF not required
  • 03:28 a quick refresher on the site model we created in the previous session
  • 05:06 creating a texture bed site modifier using the Property Line allows you to assign a different texture to a part of the site, making it easy to see where your actual site is when your site model covers a larger area
  • 17:31 use the Rotate Plan tool to rotate the view, making it easier to draw the buildings
  • 18:09 creating massing models, which is an easy way to create three-dimensional models for the existing and adjoining buildings
  • 23:43 using Send to Surface to get the massing models to sit on the site
  • 31:58 the massing model normally creates a hip roof, but this can be edited using Edit Path
  • 41:02 creating a model of the existing house using walls and roofs
  • 43:11 inserting windows and doors into the existing house
  • 51:10 linking the existing house to the site, there is a blog that covers this in detail
  • 52:49 editing the elevation of the site model layer to link the existing house to the site

Landscape September 2016 am

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