Architect Special Interest Group September 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at the concept of applying textures to the wall component of a building. But as well as looking at pictures we also wanted to look at actual 3D modelling of wall components, in this case using board and batten.

Topics covered:

  • 00:14 first look at the Resource Manager
  • 00:48 using the Resource Manager to locate a texture from the Object Info palette
  • 01:22 using the Resource Manager to locate a texture from online libraries
  • 03:11 can use the eyedropper to copy the texture from an extrusion tool to a wall style
  • 03:51 editing a wall style to use the new texture
  • 05:14 why would you use the wall styled control textures through components rather than using the overall object texture
  • 08:11 creating a boarding batten model the wall as a source of the information, extruding the boards and battens, then using intersect solid to create the correct 3D form
  • 16:35 adding a horizontal trim to the top of the Windows
  • 22:13 using a framing member to create the horizontal trim to the top of the Windows
  • 25:34 using the clip keep to create a section viewport
  • 28:22 ensuring that the section indicator appears on the correct viewport
  • 31:07 be careful when you change the section line indicator on a viewport, as it will affect all of the section line indicators on all viewports and it will change the section as well
  • 33:43 using the Advanced Properties… to control the graphic style of the section viewport, in particular making it clear where the components of the wall stop and start
  • 36:22 adding additional information to your sections by using symbols
  • 41:27 another way to draw the Borden basin cladding to the elevation is to edit the annotations part of the viewport and add a polygon with a hatch
  • 45:22 using the Attribute Mapping tool to move the origin of the texture on a wall
  • 46:38 creating a new texture that uses object attribute to control the color of the texture and displacement mapping to control the depth of the texture

Architect September 2016 am

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