SST_1608 – Roof Accessories

Cover ImageVectorworks has the ability to create roofs from polygons and walls, and it has the ability to automatically generate some roofs accessories, but not all the accessories that you might require. For example, Vectorworks will create roofs, facias, and soffits, but it will not create ridge flashings, barge flashings, barge boards, gutters, and downspouts (downpipes). As we have seen from other manuals, it’s important to model as much as necessary to complete the elevations. So if Vectorworks does not create these parts that you need, how are we going to create them?

That’s what this manual is all about. First will look at creating a standard roof and the standard accessories that Vectorworks will create, because some of them can be very useful. Then we will look at how to create the other accessories that we require, but Vectorworks won’t create automatically.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Creating A Roof
  • Standard Roof Accessories
    • Attic Settings
    • Fascia Settings
    • Soffit Settings
  • Creating Ridge Flashings
  • Barge Board
  • Barge Flashing
  • Downspouts (Downpipes)
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