Landscape Special Interest Group August (pm) 2016


In this session we looked at textures, specifically looking at how to use displacement mapping to create a more realistic ground cover texture using Displacement Mapping.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:10    looking for a suitable image to use as a texture
  • 01:52    editing an image to create a suiteable image for displacement mapping, a grey scale image is needed
  • 05:09    creating an extrusion to test the texture
  • 06:35    creating a new texture that uses displacement mapping
  • 11:22    editing the texture
  • 17:24    creating a texture bed on a site model
  • 19:12    editing the displacement mapping image
  • 23:00 creating a Grass texture
  • 26:02    creating a new texture with a flower image
  • 39:56    creating a pool using a sweep
  • 43:41    adding the centre object
  • 46:31    using the clip cube to see the cross section
  • 48:26    editing the sweep

Landscape August 2016 pm

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