Architect Special Interest Group July 2016 (pm)


In this session we tested several methods to see if it was possible to use a subdivision surface for site modifying (it was).

Topics Covered:

  • 00:21    Creating.a subdivision surface, starting with a square subdivision object, and placing it on the site model so that it has the correct elevation and slope.
  • 04:30    Splitting the subdivision to add additional control points.
  • 04:46    Moving a subdivision control point a specific distance.
  • 05:15    Moving the control points to sit on the site model, using stake objects so that they site exactly on the site model.
  • 07:51    converting a subdivision object into a site modifier, it’s best to copy the object and move it out of the way before converting the subdivision into a NURBS surface.
  • 11:55    selecting coincident objects.
  • 13:10    converting a subdivision into NURBS (on the correct class) so that it becomes a site modifier.
  • 14:06    changing the crease on the subdivision surface to make the object more like a carpark, rather than the current bowl shape.
  • 17:54    converting the object to NURBS again. This time we have tried cutting the NURBS to create a sloping carpark shape. The desire is to have 4 triangles rather than 4 square, but this is no better than using the Custom Kerb object.
  • 21:42    using a subdivision surface to create a mound, starting with the subdivision circle. After placing the subdivision the centre of the object is lifted up using the edit subdivision tool to create a mound. Then the edges are edited to smooth the shape.
  • 23:53    convert the subdivision to NURBS, assign the result to the correct class and they will be site modifiers.
  • 25:29    placing stake objects to find the correct site elevation for modifying the subdivision , moving each corner of the subdivision to snap to the stake objects.
  • 27:20    error messages on the site, you can turn them off, but how critical are they.
  • 31:14    back to the square subdivision to try to make the triangles for the carpark. The subdivision is designed to create more organic forms but by editing and splitting the surface you can make flatter forms.
  • 37:52    copy the edited subdivision to the site model, but when it was converted to NURBS it failed due to the complex subdivision form.
  • 40:02    creating an amphitheater using the contour mode of the Site Modifier tool. This allows you to draw the new contour and then update the site model so that the site model follows the new contour.
  • 45:30    the tool bar options on the site modifier tool.
  • 49:12    smoothing the site model using the Mesh Smoothing preference in the Document Preferences.

Architect July 2016 pm

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