Getting Started Special Interest Group July 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at setting up the page size, exporting to PDF, controlling walls, simple 3D modeling, and a quick look at subdivision modeling.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:28    how to use the page set up to set up documents for large format printing, using page scaling.
  • 05:37    page set up
  • 06:42    exporting drawings to PDF using Publish, and looking at the options that can be used to reduce the file size of the PDF.
  • 09:30    printing the PDF file from Acrobat, scaling the drawing to fit the printer.
  • 12:34    file size of the PDF when exported, how can you reduce this?.
  • 17:00    using classes and graphics on walls.
  • 29:48    exporting the wall style to a library.
  • 32:50    creating a roof from walls.
  • 34:35    creating gable ends to the roof.
  • 36:51    using the Fit Walls to Objects command (used to be called fit Walls to roof).
  • 37:18   how to use Unified View.
  • 43:28   simple 3-D modelling, trying to create a more organic shape.
  • 51:44    a quick look at subdivision modelling.
  • 53:53    using the deformed tool in the filler the edge to create more organic forms.


Getting Started July 2016 am

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