Getting Started Special Interest Group June 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at why you should be creating a 3D model, rather than 2D drawings, what the advantage is and how to get started.

Topics Covered:
  • 00:00   What you should draw in 3D, using a clip cube with a concept model to demonstrate how a quickly you can make changes to sections and elevations.
  • 01:28   To draw in 3D will require that you change the way that you work in Vectorworks and it might be a complete change to the way that create information, you will have to develop new skills.
  • 02:46   Looking at a simple way to get started with BIM
  • 03:43   Checking layer scale using the contextual menu (right-click)
  • 04:39   Using the scroll wheel on a mouse to zoom in, clicking the mouse wheel button to pan.
  • 05:43   Starting with a rectangle to create an outline of a project., then use Create Objects From Shapes… to convert the rectangle into a slab or hardscape, so that we have both 2D and 3D
  • 09:08   Finding coincident objects
  • 12:11   Drawing walls and controlling wall heights on the Object Info palette
  • 13:05   Editing a design layer to control the elevation and wall heights
  • 13:36   Looking at the wall preferences
  • 14:57   Using the numeric keypad to change the 3D view
  • 17:28   Set the numeric keypad for instant data bar activation to allow quick drawing
  • 18:55   Create Objects From Shapes… to create quick 3D objects
  • 19:43   Controlling the stacking order of objects (sent to front/send to back)
  • 21:20   Z key to activate Snap Loupe
  • 21:46   Creating an extrusion for the columns
  • 22:46   Creating elevations from the 3D model using viewports and sheet layers
  • 26:46   Creating multiple viewports
  • 29:10   Creating duplicate objects using the mirror tool
  • 30:01   Duplicating an elevation viewport and changing it to an isometric view
  • 30:50   Edit the layer wall height on the design layer to change the height of walls
  • 33:10   Changing the heights of individual walls and creating more walls
  • 46:21   Using the Reshape tool and using this to stretch a plan
  • 53:30   Introduction to Stories, Layers, and Levels
  • 59:41   Introduction to BIM for Landscaping
  • 1:07:10 Creating a section viewport, starting with the clip cube


Getting Started June 2016 am

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2 thoughts on “Getting Started Special Interest Group June 2016 (am)

  1. This is a fast and excellent intro into 3D. I have a couple of friends who should see this and I will definitely recommend it to them.

    • Thank you. I had the same thought as you recently, so this is going to form the basis of next months manual. I have started writing it already and it will include the instructions for setting layer heights, creating drawings, and detailing.

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