3D Modeling Special Interest Group – June 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at ways that a 3D drawer object could be manipulated to create various widths, controlling symbol insertion points, and creating a wall recess.

Topics Covered:

  • 00:00   Looking at a 3D object that needs to bad flexible in width and length (a drawer object). If you stretch or compress the object in a group, it changes the shape of some part of the object and in some cases the parts separate. We tried several options but there wasn’t a suitable solution. One possible method would be to create a marionette object, but that is not a fast or simple solution.
  • 14:33   One solution would be to model the drawer as a subdivision object, where you ensure that you crease the edges (so that they are not curved), this would be more difficult to model in the first place, but you could stretch the sides without changing the shape of the edges.
  • 19:33 Making the drawer into a symbol would make it one step easier, that way when you edit the symbol, all the instances of the symbol update and if you duplicate the symbol you can make another sized symbol you can use the replace function to change the drawer from one size to another
  • 25:39   When you replace a symbol, the insertion point (the point where symbols insert) is critical.
  • 27:27   You can insert a 2D Locus in your symbols so that you can see the insertion point, and you can add guide lines to your symbols to show critical areas or offsets, it’s a way to embed your knowledge into the symbol
  • 32:08   Creating wall recesses using a simple 3D form to create the shape of the recess. Ensure that you check the cut plane height so that the plan views shows the recess. instead is using the wall recess, you can make a 3D symbol with a Wall Hole component to cut the hole in the wall, this method gives more flexibility over the form of the recess.


3D Modeling June 2016 am

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