Fixing Computer Issues

(There might be offensive language in the YouTube clip)

When my computer, phone, or Vectorworks misbehaves, I follow the advice from the IT Crowd, and restart the thing. I know this sounds like simplistic advice, but it so often works.

If your Vectorworks is crashing frequently, try restarting Vectorworks. If that does not make it better, restart your computer. Whenever I’m preparing for a webinar or demonstration, I always try to restart my computer to reduce issues. The other day I could not get my WordPress software on my iPad to work. I tried to restarting the app, but that did not fix it, so I restarted the iPad and that fixed it.

One of the things that can fix issues on my Windows is to update the video driver. After installing or updating Vectorworks, use your control panel settings to update your graphics card driver. Many visual and crashing problems can be solved by updating the card driver.

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