Vectorworks Tip 441- It’s Quicker To Use BIM (Building Information Modeling)


I often hear people say that I will learn the 2D first and then I’ll think about the 3D. The reality is that if you start your projects by using Buildling Information Modeling, as you build your models, you will also be creating your drawings.

This image image shows the workflow for drawing a site section using a 2D workflow.  In order to draw the section you have to project the lines down from the plan and you also have to set up horizontal elevation control lines. Not only is this slow, it is also prone to errors, and if you want to move the building, you have to redraw the section.


If you compare this method of drawing to the image of the top of this post, you will see that the 3D model makes it much easier to create drawings and will allow you to easily move the project on the site or change the elevation without having to redraw the entire section. You can see three-dimensional recession planes that allow you to see when the building passes through them, on any part of the project. This is a lot more powerful than trying to do the same work with the 2-D workflow.

This is just one example, but there are several examples that prove that building your model is quicker than trying to produce your drawings.

We are covering this topic in July book now…

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