SST_1606 – Energos

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(second Draft)

Energos is a system in Vectorworks that allows you to look at the overall energy consumption of your project. It includes the summer and winter climate and it uses the building elements in the file to do the calculations.

This means that you have to use a full BIM model to create your project you have to have a Heliodon for the climate data, spaces for the volume, heating systems, cooling systems, and shading on the windows.
When you have all the data, its is quick to create the Energos report. This manual will be looking at how to create the building elements, how to add the energos data to these, how to choose which building elements should be included in the energos calculations, how to add the heliodon, and how to control the Energos Project Data.

  • Contents
  • Basic Concept
  • Energos Units
  • Heat Transfer
  • Building Elements
    • Walls
    • Styled Walls
    • Roof
    • Doors and Windows
  • Other Things That Energos Needs
  • Reporting
  • Editing Lambda Values
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