Parker Pens

Talk about poor service. I have a Parker Duofold pen that I bought many years ago. When I bought it it was supposed to have a lifetime warranty. When I got home from holiday recently, I went to use my pen and the barrel was broken. 

Now, this isn’t some cheap pen that you throw away after a couple of years, this is a quality pen that you keep for a lifetime. 

Only now they elk me that it appears that the pen has been dropped. After 26 years of course it looks like that. That’s wear and tear, the patina of living. 

So now they won’t fix or replace the barrel. Not good Parker! Not good  your agent in Australia, Newell Brands. 

3 thoughts on “Parker Pens

  1. It’s not just Parker. A few years back I had a Mont Blanc ball point pen. It fell a couple of times and got busted. How can this be posible when there is all kinds of plastics that can be used that would virtually never break? Lego blocks come to mind. Mont Blanc could make a pen barrel with a couple of Lego blocks’ worth of plastic. It would cost them just few cents, but they go for the cheap brittle plastic. I will never buy Mont Blanc ever again. Nor Parker, now.

  2. I purchased a Taccia Staccato with a Lifetime Warranty a few years ago, I actually purchased 2 in different colors, they no longer make the pen and will not honor the warranty.

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