Architect Special Interest Group May 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at clerestory windows, the eyedropper tool, windoor and camera match.


Topics covered:

  • 00:00   inserting a window in a wall as a clerestory window
  • 05:39   inserting a window so that it does not show up in plan, but shows in 3-D
  • 09:32   setting default callout attributes
  • 10:45   sitting default values using the eyedropper tool
  • 14:00   what should be in a template and what should be in the default content
  • 15:29   using copy or apply with windoor  symbols
  • 16:32  windoor  sills and trims
  • 19:14  adding windoor symbols to the folder for copying and applying
  • 21:12   camera match

Architect May 2016 am

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