Vectorworks Tip 419 – Cool tricks with symbols 2 – Auto Class


The next amazing track with symbols is the ability to control what class the symbol will be assigned to. For example, whenever I use a symbol for a lighting switch, it is always assigned to the class that I require (services – electrical), regardless of the active class on the view bar. This means that I can activate my symbol and not have to worry about what my active classes, the object will automatically be assigned to the correct class. This dramatically improves my productivity because my objects are automatically assigned to their required classes. I will be looking at using symbols to create and manage your libraries at the design summit in Chicago

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    • There isn’t a video in this tip. You have to watch the animated gif, that’s all there is. If you think that we should cover this online, why not bring it up at the next Architect Special Interest group all the Getting Started special interest group.

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