Architect Special Interest Group April 2016 (pm)


In this session we looked at creating an accessible toilet using symbols, creating internal room elevations, the heliodon, and what things should be included in a template file.

Topics covered:

  • 00:00   using a symbol for an accessible toilet
  • 01:03   how will you use the toilet symbol
  • 02:00   deciding what parts should be in the symbol
  • 02:30   duplicating a symbol
  • 03:59   creating symbols that work with each other
  • 07:22   using the toilet symbol
  • 11:04   adding loci to the symbol to assist drawing
  • 13:12   editing the symbol to control automatic convert to group
  • 18:16   mirror the symbol  using the right mouse click
  • 30:11   creating wall elevations
  • 35:09   editing multiple Heliodons
  • 40:14   what should be in a template
  • 47:16   setting tool preferences for a template


Architect April 2016 am

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