SST_1603 – Alterations and Additions

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DRAFT- In this manual are going to cover setting up an Alteration and Addition project. I sometimes call these renovation projects, but as someone recently pointed out, renovation suggests repairing. This manual is really about setting up an existing building which we can then amend to suit.

We will start with a discussion about measuring an existing building. There are several ways to deal with this:

  • manually measure the project
  • laser measure and manually record
  • laser measure connected to tablet
  • measured electronically with iphone
  • subcontract to surveyor

A really important part of setting up your file is drawing the existing project. Should you draw this project on a separate layer from the demolition drawing, or should it be incorporated into the same layer so that changes can be made instantly between the existing, demolition and proposed. We will be looking at stories, layers, levels, and classes so that we can setup our file from the beginning in the best way. Look forward to a discussion about which layers to create and what to put on each layer.

In this manual I will not be creating an entire complex multistorey project. The aim of this manual is to make sure that I cover all the important principles that you will have to look at when you’re creating an alteration an addition project. So for this manual it doesn’t matter if I choose a very simplistic single story project, the principles will apply to this project the same as they would to a very large complex project.

  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Measuring An Existing Building
    • Manually Measuring A Project
    • Laser Measure And Manually Record
    • Laser Measure And Connect to Tablet
    • Using A Smart Phone
  • Drawing The Plan From Survey Data
    • Importing A PDF
    • Importing Survey DXF/DWG
    • Location
    • Importing Manual Survey Data
  • Wall Styles For Existing Walls
  • Drawing The Proposed Plan
  • Drawing Demolished Walls
  • Doors And Windows In Demolished Walls
    • Using Standard Windows And Doors
    • Using Windoor
  • Setting Up The Drawings
  • Odd-Shaped Walls
  • Conclusion
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