Vectorworks Tip 391 – Measuring Existing Buildings

meaure existing building, vectorworks

Measuring existing buildings there are several ways that you can use to measure an existing building. You can use an old-fashioned tape measure, laser measuring device, laser devices that are connected to your iPad, plus a range of apps that you can use on your tablet or phone. Since there are so many different ways of measuring existing buildings, I would like you to leave your comments about which method you use.

We will be covering this topic in March 2016, book now!

3 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip 391 – Measuring Existing Buildings

  1. I use a handheld Bosch GLR825.
    It has a 250m range, accurate to 1mm, and has a Magnification View Finder- so one can see the dot easily.

  2. I’m using an older model Leica laser distance finder and a typical tape measure. Leica has some new products that look very promising, but is also very pricey and hard to justify spending the money on when measuring existing conditions is not often.

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