Landscape Special Interest Group February (am) 2016


Topics Covered:

  • 0:00   existing tree tool
  • 06:35   editing the 3-D object for the existing tree tool
  • 16:13   VSS resources – image props
  • 19:02   VBvisual plant
  • 23:51   cannot use VB visual plants tool as part of the existing tree
  • 26:50   where the VB visual plants are stored
  • 34:48   image props
  • 37:41   creating an image prop
  • 57:11   creating sketch image props

Landscape 088 February 2016 am

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2 thoughts on “Landscape Special Interest Group February (am) 2016

  1. Hi Jonathan

    Your website is brilliant. What a fantastic resource!

    Just wanted to bring to your attention that that this video isn’t working anymore. Also cannot find Landscape SIG 057 and SIG 087 on the website.
    Thanks, Ali

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