Landscape Special Interest Group December (am) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • The Shoot Plant Database
  • New databases in Service Select
  •  Plant Definition
  • Plant Tool
  • Duplicate a plant
  • Get plant data
  • Plant Database
  • Select Plant Data
  • Automatic connection between Vectorworks and the Plant Database
  • Classes and sub-classes of plant parts
  • Edit plant
  • Running out of computing power with 8GB of memory when rendering numerous plants
  • Import an image
  • Edit crop with the Circle and the Polyline Tool

The Shoot Plant Database

This is downloadable from Service Select. We looked at how tdownload and import the file, how to match fields, and how to check their content. We also covered issues with missing crucial category and plant information.

08:45 New databases in Service Select

You need to check regularly for new files. We briefly touched on a few recent additions: ‘Site Furniture – Extremis’& ‘Site Furniture – Garden Furniture and Accessories’.

09:57 Plant Definition

We looked at how to edit plants and how to duplicate them. We also covered issues of missing information when duplicating a plant and what to look out for in the plant database / select plant data. With the new version 2016 there is an automatic link between Vectorworks and the Plant Database and there seem to be some unresolved issues.

18:50 Classes and sub-classes of plant parts

One attendee had an issue with plant sub-classes (for their different parts: color fill, interior linework, outline, tags) that did not behave as expected. We looked at appropriate solutions.

25:30 Running out of computing power (8GB of RAM) when rendering numerous 3D plants

We looked at solutions to the issue. For 2D representations use images instead of image props / symbols. Example done (importing, cropping) using the Circle Tool and the Polyline Tool (various modes, e.g. Corner Vertex Mode).

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