SST_1512 – Wrapup for 2015

At this time of the year it’s a good time to wrap up the old year and plan what you are going to do next year. At the Archoncad website we like to do the same thing – we wrap up all the topics we covered this year and we plan what topics are important for next year. Wrapping up the year with a review of all the sessions from this year allows users to catch up on anything they have missed. I create a lot of blogs, movies, tips, and manuals – so it’s easy to miss something. This session is useful then to go over the most important topics and make sure that everyone knows what we covered.

The other important reason for the meeting at the end of the year is to look at the proposed topics for next year. I used to just decide on my own what we would cover each year, but for the last six or seven years, it has been the users that choose the topics. My aim is to make sure that my monthly manuals cover the topics that you want. That makes the session very important, because we are planning all the topics for next year. Come along and tell me what topics you want me to cover.
Normally, you have to be a subscriber to attend the online workshops. But last year I allowed everybody to attend the end of year wrapup sessions and there was a good response. So this year I’m going to do the same thing, allowing everybody to attend the interview sessions. Not only to see what you missed out on, but to tell me what things you would like me to cover next year.

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