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 Vectorworks, marionette, archoncad, jonathan pickupAt the Vectorworks Design Summit (April 2015), they announced that Vectorworks 2016 would include a new visual scripting language. This new scripting language is called Marionette. This is what Wikipedia says about visual scripting languages in general:

In computing, a visual programming language (VPL) is any programming language that lets users create programs by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually. A VPL allows programming with visual expressions, spatial arrangements of text and graphic symbols, used either as elements of syntax or secondary notation. For example, many VPLs (known as dataflow or diagrammatic programming)[1] are based on the idea of “boxes and arrows”, where boxes or other screen objects are treated as entities, connected by arrows, lines or arcs which represent relations.

You could think of marionette as being like a recipe to bake a cake. Each step in baking a cake is usually given in the recipe. But unlike baking a cake marionette has to be instructed to do absolutely everything.  For example, if you were to tell marionette to add eggs to the cake mix, you would also have to instruct marionette to break the eggs, otherwise you would end up with two eggs and their shells inside the bowl. Usually cake recipes do not tell you to break the eggs because they assume that you know this. Marionette does not know anything and has to be instructed on every little step along the way.


  • Introduction
  • Basic Concepts
    • Nodes and Wires
    • Origin
    • Inputs
    • Maths
    • Extrusions
  • Creating a Simple Object
    • Create The First Part
    • Origins
    • Debug
    • Extrusion
    • Second Part
    • The Top Part
  • Creating a Cabinet
    • Start with the Design
    • Build The Kick
    • Creating the Carcass Bottom
    • Left Side
    • Right Side
    • Back
    • Top
  • Wrapping a Marionette Network
  • Converting a Wrapper to an Object
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