Landmark_SIG_083 Special Interest Group November (pm) 2015


This session covered:

Concept of saved views/viewports          0:00

  • settings for layers & classes
  • the navigation palette
  • how to save views and adjust the settings    1:52
  • layer & class visibilities
  • rotate plan
  • access a saved view
  • Note: a saved view is NOT connected to a viewport   4:49
  • switching from a viewport to a layer  6:20
  • how to change the ‘edit viewport’ settings  8:40
  • ‘sheet layers’ have replaced ‘saved views’                                                    11:15
  • use the eyedropper tool to copy settings between viewports                          11:55
  • or copy a viewport and change some settings (e.g. use the Clip Tool)
  • create a new class (watch the options in regard of saved views/viewports)   15:00

Creating 3D                                            18:58

  • requires proper planning
  • Vectorworks’ files on Nomad (share your files with anybody)                               20:28
  • Vectorworks 2016 now offers ‘Export 3D PDF’. It allows the recipient to
    walk around / explore it on their own (saved views stay intact)
  • if you are new to 3D, start with the manual ‘ Introduction to 3D’ (done in 1202)

Plant Definition and Plant Database are now linked in version 2016  31:30

  • example shown
  • there are now also more ‘custom’ options available      36:10

Landscape 083 November 2015 pm

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