Landmark_SIG_082 Special Interest Group November (am) 2015


Main topics:

  • Plant Tool
    • Plant Definition
    • Plant Preferences
  • Massing Model
    • Using the K key
  • Editing Plant Definitions
  • Plant database
    • Update From Plant Database
  • Copy From Symbol
  • Create a new plant
    • Plant Tool Preferences
  • Reshape Tool
  • Improvements to the Hardscape Tool
    • Hardscape Object Settings
  • Parking tools

Plant Tool 00:33

The ‘Plant Def’ drop down menu now allows you to access (and create) many different plant files. Plants are now shown based on the list they are in. This enables you to have a large database of plants broken up into easily manageable smaller files.

It is a good idea to have your user folders / workgroup folders in a cloud so that you can sync / access them with any device you use VW on. Step-by-step instructions on how to do this, also on how to copy information from one file to another. We also looked at the concept of ‘Default content’.

Plant Preferences 07:25

The dialog box for ‘Plant Preferences’ now features ‘Custom Scheduling’ & ‘Custom Render’. We looked at using the ‘Document Preferences’ to automatically show plant shadows according to the plant height. ‘Solid color vs hatch’ for the plant shadows? Using ‘Document Preferences’ to control the plant shadows is extremely useful in conjunction with the “Massing’ Model’ tool (10:41) and when you are required to change all the shadows in your drawing. In the process we also looked at the ‘K’ key (closing any polygon related tool, and always at 90 degrees to the last line drawn).

Plant Database 13:08
We looked at the new option of ‘Update From Plant Database’ in the plant definition window as well as the ‘Copy From Symbol’ command and its various options allowing you to copy only certain parts of an already existing plant in your database. We also quickly created a new plant in our plant database. The Plant Database needs to be open at all times!

Plant Tool Preferences 20:23

We looked at the ‘Plant Tool’ and how to randomize the look of the same plant when mass planting. The ‘Reshape Tool’ allows you to later completely change the mass planting. The ‘Reshape Tool’ is one of the most useable tools in VW! We also looked at the various modes of the ‘Plant Tool’ and how to change the settings in the object info palette.

Hardscapes 33:30

We looked at the new options (Border Class, Pad Modifier Top or Bottom, Texture Bed Modifier) in the ‘Hardscape Object Settings’ window. You can only save the settings of an already existing hardscape, but then reuse them time and a time again. You can also place them into your user folder.

Pad Modifier options 38:25

We covered the various possibilities of the new option, including creating a slope of the hardscape in 2 directions.

Parking tools 48:40

We also briefly covered the 3 options to create parking spaces and how to properly count them.
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