Vectorworks Tip 343 – Site Model Cut and Fill

Notes - Page 15

Every once in a while a client will get confused about what is cut and fill when dealing with a site model. Cut volumes are the parts that are removed from the site model, fill volumes other parts that are added to the site model.

2 thoughts on “Vectorworks Tip 343 – Site Model Cut and Fill

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Is there any way to “reset” the cut and fill calculations of a modified site model to tell Vectorworks to consider it as the existing site or the zero. Every modifications thereafter would then calculate from this new base shape.


    • I don’t think that there is a way to “reset” the site model so that all the modifications from now on start from zero. But there might be another way. You can choose whether a site modifier is applied to the existing site model or to the proposed site model if a site modifier is applied to the existing site model, it is not considered to be a cut or fill modification. This would give your way of doing a report on the site model today, selecting your site modifiers and applying them to the existing site model. Then add your subsequent site modifiers and you will have the report on the new site modifiers. Another way might be to duplicate the site model so that you have more than one copy of it. Then you could choose to copy the site modifiers onto one of the copies of the site model and change those site modifiers to existing. If I was going to do this I would probably put the different site models on different layers so that I could then use a report that would find the various site models using the layers as a filter or criteria.

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