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I have been looking for a stylus for my iPad/Tablet so that I can use it to create sketches. I create a lot of sketches (usually to show a Vectorworks concept) and lately i have been creating 100’s of sketches for a course that I was writing for the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand. And to explain the concepts of Marionette, I created lots of sketches. So i thought there must be a better way to create the sketches, rather than drawing them on paper and scanning them. 

it has been harder that I thought to find a good stylus. Stylus? why not use a finger? I find that using finger to draw is so inaccurate, I never know where the line will start. Just using a finger to draw has been a complete waste. 

So, now I’m looking for a stylus to draw with. I like the look of the Apple Pencil, but that will really only work with the iPad Pro. Before I invest $1600 on a tablet, i thought I would look at what kind of styli were available for my iPad.

So, that is the reason for trying out styli. I have bought plain ones, cheap ones, fat ones, expensive ones, and active ones (these are my favourites).

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