Landmark_SIG_080 Special Interest Group October (am) 2015


Main topics:

  • hardscape
  • grade limits
  • grade tool
  • car parking

Creating a Hardscape

We started out by creating a hardscape using the Hardscape tool. For this example a simple rectangle was drawn. The final edge of the Hardscape can be closed using the “K” key on the keyboard. The 2-D graphics were edited and the default settings for the project was also edited on the Attributes palette.

To get the hardscape to lift up to the surface of the terrain the Send to Surface… Command was used. This will lift the centre of the hardscape to sit on the site model.

We looked at the 3-D settings on the Object Info palette. There are several choices of the 3-D component (pad at the top of the hardscape, pad at the bottom of the hardscape, et cetera). It is in this area that you set the elevation of the hardscape. We also change the fall and looked at adjusting the cross fall on the hardscape.

We created a grade limits around the hardscape and use the Grade tool to create grade objects that would fall the site around the hardscape. You can use this to grade the site for water run-off.

Then we added 2-D graphics and textures to the hardscape. After setting up the hardscape we created planar objects and use the Add Surface and Clip Surface commands to edit the shape of the hardscape using these planar objects.

Creating a Car park Area

we used a series of hardscape objects to create a car parking area that would fall to a sump. The easy way to start this is to draw the required shape using polygons. We set up the Hardscape References before we used the polygons to create the hardscapes. Setting the preferences first will speed up the creation of the hardscape’s because all the new hardscape’s will use the new preference settings making them all the same and saving a lot of work editing each hardscape.

Turning the edges of the hardscape off will remove the brick edging to the hardscape’s making it appear like continuous hardscape and for the entire car park area.

Car Parking

there are three car parking tools in Vectorworks and if you need to count all the carparks together it’s best to use the same carpark tool for the project or create a report that combines and counts up all the different types of car parking areas. We looked at how to create this kind of report so that all of the car park areas were counted up together and summarised in one report.

Landscape 080 October2015 am (m4v file)

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  1. is there a way to move the video player to other position? really i cant. forward the video. it got stuck in minute 39, 20 . then long bufering. refresh and try to move the video player to that position.. no luck.

    • As the video loads you should see a bar in front of the playhead. On my screen its is a blue area. You can only fast forward to part of the video that has loaded. If the video has stopped loading, then you will not be able to move ahead. Did the movie finish loading?

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