Architect_080 Architect Special Interest Group October 2015 (pm)


Main topics:

  • creating a site model
  • placing site modifiers
  • placing a road

Creating a Site Model

Using supplied information and with only a few spot levels (created using stake objects) we created a site model. As we created the site model we also used the site model settings to control the classes on the site model parts and use these classes to control the graphic style of the site model.

Placing Site Modifiers

we used rectangles to place the site modifiers to represent buildings on the site model while we were placing the rectangles (which can be made in two site modifiers) we looked at the contextual menu method of Align/Distribute.

After we place the rectangles we use the Create Objects From Shapes… To convert these rectangles into site modifiers (Pads) we also use the Offset tool to offset and duplicate the site modifiers to create Grade Limits.

Another use of the Create Objects from Shapes… Command is to use the original rectangles to create Massing Models to represent buildings. The pads were set to the correct elevation and slope.


there is more than one way to make the road so we looked at two main road tools the Custom Kerb and the Polygon Road. Neither was suitable for the entire road, but creating part of the road with polygon road tool and the remainder of the road with the custom kerb created a suitable road.

Architect 080 October 2015 pm (m4v file)

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