Landmark_SIG_077 Special Interest Group August (am) 2015

Landscape_077_augIn this session we look at site modifiers. We started by looking at a site without any site modifiers at all and we use the technique of drawing simple objects (rectangles) and adding them together to create a polygon. There is a command from the right click (contextual menu) called create objects from shapes. We use this command to turn our polygon into a site modifier.

Site modifiers also need something called a Grade Limits, to limit the extent of the site that will be affected by the site modifier. We used a fast technique to copy the existing site modifier, offset it (the offset tool), and then convert the pad to a grade limits.

We also looked at using a site modifier called Pad with Retaining Edge. If use a pad with retaining edge you can send the retaining edge to the surface of your site model and then you will not need to include a grade limits, because the retaining edge will create a steep edge to your site modifier. We spent some time looking at the concept of centre surface because it is quite a flexible concept and it allows you to choose with your sending the object to the surface of an existing or proposed site model.

We spend a lot of time looking at the site modelling trying to replicate the exact situation of a foundation wall in a site. There are some things you can’t do with site modifiers and site models, one of which is that you’re not allowed to have any undercuts to your site model. This makes it very difficult to replicate the true situation on site after the foundation wall has been constructed.

Next we looked at our site using the clip cube to hide the parts we didn’t want to see, allowing us to make the kind of live cross-section through the site. Finally we looked at draped surface and whether we could use this to create a copy of our site model.

Landscape 077 August 2015 am (m4v file)

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