3D Modelling Special Interest Group – August 2015

August_016In this session the users want to look at a couple of things. The first thing they wanted to look at was how to make a 3D symbol of a refrigerator read better in elevation and perspective. This involved editing a symbol that was already created, and the symbol also had 2D and 3D components to it. We also looked at creating symbol that was built solely out of 3-D information and how we could ensure that in plain view it looked correct using Auto-hybrid.

We use the example of a kitchen in order to build our components. This involved drawing a couple of walls and putting in a floor. We looked at creating a crown moulding (sometimes called a cornice) and we also looked at the chain extrude command to see if that can be used to create our crown moulding.

The users also wanted to know how they could apply line textures (surface hatches they called) onto objects. While we were doing that we looked at how to create our own surface hatch textures, and we discovered that you can create your own textures directly from a from a hatch by right clicking on the hatch in your resource browser.


3D Modeling August 2015 (m4v file)

Download the Vectorworks 2015 file…

3D Modeling August 2015 (mov file)


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