Landmark_SIG_076 Special Interest Group July (am) 2015


In this session we looked at the report from the earlier landscape session, but the users pointed out that the previous report only look for flat objects which is not much use on a sloping site. So the session took the report from the early session in tried to update it so that it would work with objects on a sloping site.

In order to get the area of the sloping objects we use a site modifier (texture bed). This object works very well for creating a surface which exactly matches the site model. Vectorworks can create a report with the actual surface area of the texture bed on sloping site. In order to calculate the volume for each texture bed we created a record format that would allow us to assign a different thickness to each object. This would also allow us to attach a name to each of these site modifiers.

There was a challenge in the way Vectorworks reports the surface area of each site modifier. We were fortunate to have an experienced user that was able to guide us through some of the code required to convert the information from the site model into numbers that could be used in a formula. The resulting worksheet will now find site modifier objects based on whether or not you want them to appear in the volume report. If you export this worksheet to the correct location and your workgroup folder or your user folder, you can use it on any project.


Landscape 076 July 2015 am

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